Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Her Winter Angels Take Flight

Blue Winter by Robert Francis
Winter uses all the blues there are.
One shade of blue for water, one for ice,
Another blue for shadows over snow.
The clear or cloudy sky uses blue twice-
Both different blues. And hills row after row
Are colored blue according to how for.
You know the bluejay's double-blur device
Shows best when there are no green leaves to show.
And Sirius is a winterbluegreen star.

by Robert Francis


Anonymous said...

this is so soft and pretty...well done!

I'm a newer blogger...come for a visit...

Art2ArtColorado said...

Hello Carmelina,
I am an infrequent blogger, lol... but sure wanted to thank you for stopping by!
I have tried to improve my blogging but the outdoors and nature seem to always win out.

Take care & best of wishes to you!