Thursday, June 4, 2009


Dear Dog,

I am so sad that I had to send you across the Rainbow Bridge yesterday morning... it was the only choice we had left. :(

You were a big-hearted old girl and I'm sorry your Papa abandoned you... but, I am glad you came to live with me.
You were a clutzy clod and a baby bulldozer.
You stepped on my toes with your 130+(?) lbs. of lovin' and ate like a horse.
You snored creatively, farted horribly and barked like a foghorn.

I loved you very much, though...
and you and I became One on this final journey.
You were very brave and a fighter to the end...
I know you didn't want to leave me.
There is a big hole in my heart and home today.
You will be missed but you are free now.
R.I.P. my Doggins'... we'll see you again someday.
your Mama.

Posted at 8:58 am, June 4 2009 EST
on Dol's Dear _______ thread at Etsy.


Kathleen said...

So sorry =( (((hugs)))

Art2ArtColorado said...

Thank you so much, Kathleen.
I really appreciate that you stopped in...and the hugs.
*take care and we'll see you soon*

~Babs said...

Aw, this is so hard,,been there.Our heart is never quite the same again,,but it's worth it for the love they give us.

Art2ArtColorado said...

Hi Babs!
*sorry i missed you... my puter crashed and i have had to rebuild everything.

i sure appreciate your thoughts!
(((hugs to you)))

GalleryJuana said...

Beautiful dedication. It is always so hard to let go.

Art2ArtColorado said...

Thank you Juana... :)
your care and thoughts mean a lot.